The Strategy


Our investment strategy will focus on those businesses and business owners that have the potential for profitably, creating more jobs and a broader-base of ownership. We will seek to capitalize on the lessons learned in the early days following the civil rights act in the United States; one example being that only a select few captured most of the new opportunities. The benefits of a broader-base of ownership include, but is not limited to: the availability of more skill sets in the hands of owners rather than hired employees; the creation of a team approach to execution of the business plan; a larger marketing staff to attract more consumers from the ranks of friends, acquaintances and larger corporations; a larger group of stake holders that benefit from the success of the venture, which will then reduce catastrophic downside risks to new or existing entrepreneurs; and, finally, utilization of a business model that capitalizes on the broader involvement of NGOís, Government and the Private Sector, or what is commonly called a public-private partnership.

While we have stressed the importance of investing in businesses with broad-based ownership, we have also decided on a strategy for broad-based fund management and ownership. We are utilizing a public-private partnership at the fund management and ownership level and currently using the business model employed by other successful corporations in Florida and nationwide. We will recruit a broad-base group of advisors, to compliment our broad-based fund management team. In essence, we will practice what we espouse.

Millenniumís staff has identified strategies for assisting groups in developing sustainable ventures that ultimately preserves capital. By using the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, , Export-Import Bank, , The Millennium Challenge Account, , African Growth and Opportunity Act, and many other agencies and programs, sustainable investment opportunities can be realized.

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