This business was started when we realized the absence of necessary skills possessed by the Black South Africans to implement the Black Economic Empowerment agenda, which was authorized in 1994, and scheduled to begin in 2004. Having experienced new business opportunities as members of the predominant minority groups in the United States in the 1970ís and 1980ís in earnest, Hispanics and Blacks learned lessons that could help the Black South Africans avoid many of the pitfalls of a new opportunity to participate in the economic mainstream previously off limits to the previously disadvantaged. Many pitfalls can be turned into benefits, if a concentrated effort is made to pass on the lessons learned in the United States by the predominant minority groups to the previously disadvantaged on the continent of Africa.

Our entity is established as a holding company, which will raise the necessary capital to launch and sustain 10 Black Economic Empowerment businesses. The holding company will have broad-based ownership within the United States as well as Africa. The company will also utilize strategies that minimize the risk of new participants in the economic mainstream. Three unique benefits of our broad-based ownership model are:

  1. Families of those who sacrificed life, health and possessions, can benefit from the freedom now experienced by Black Africans;
  2. Broad-based ownership will help to alleviate the system which developed in the U.S. when minority groups had the new opportunities which generally benefited a hand-picked few.
  3. Broad-based ownership creates a marketing strategy that creates consumers from the ownership group as well as reduces the risk by spreading the risk.

Longer term, it is Millenniumís desire to maximize the utilization of resources of countries inhabited predominantly by people of African and other minority descent for the primary benefit of the inhabitants of those countries. More often than not, the resources are used on other continents, creating jobs and added value on those continents. Millennium believes this area of focus will be perceived as a new frontier" which will meet with a positive response.
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