MILLENNIUM GROUP WORLDWIDE, INC., (MGW) was formed In May of 2002, to bring for-profit strategies to accomplish the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.  The company’s founders, shortly after President George W. Bush announced the Millennium Challenge Account, desired to be involved in the accomplishment of those goals.  This small group of individuals from various faith denominations, created MGW, expecting to assist.  The founders agreed that a profit generating model was better than a donation model in maximizing the potential for sustainability.  Hence, the incorporation of MGW as a for-profit tool and empowerment vehicle for previously disadvantaged Africans and the Diaspora.

The purpose is to pursue opportunities on the continent of Africa and the Caribbean, utilizing the resources from developed countries, including governmental resources to assist in infrastructure development and the creation of sustainable businesses with significant social impact.

The Company focuses on creating mentor-protégé relationships between the previously disadvantaged and the businesses which have developed transferable skills and business development strategies. Millennium's broad focus is a cost effective business development platform, on which companies from developed countries can expand with significant social impact. As Millennium identifies opportunities beyond its scope, those opportunities will be offered to other companies from developed countries, including BRIC, with the capacity to perform. Millennium’s experience and knowledge of global funding sources will maximize the probability of attracting businesses from developed countries with high value given to social impact.
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